Public Safety


  • Diane authored Assembly Constitutional Amendment 12, also known as Alexandra’s Law, which would allow the courts to charge repeat fentanyl dealers who kill people with manslaughter.
  • Diane is using her resources as an elected official to host Fentanyl Town Halls throughout the district in which non-profits give free Narcan to all in attendance. 

Combatting Human Trafficking

  • When the Assembly Public Safety Committee tried to kill SB 14 to further punish people trafficking children, Diane used her position to spread the word and put pressure on the Democrats to stop this bill. The media coverage and public pressure campaign that followed was enough to pass this bill, which was then signed into law by the Governor.

Protecting Small Businesses from Government Overreach

Diane is working to expose how unelected bureaucrats in California are targeting small businesses. She has used the story of the Balboa Ferry to highlight government overreach and show how unfunded state mandates are harming Californians and our local business communities. 

Coastal Protection

Diane is protecting our Orange County coastline from human and environmental damage by bringing in more than $1.6 million in state funds to complete Orange County’s first trash wheel, which will prevent debris flowing down the San Diego Creek from reaching the ocean.

Securing Needed Funding for Orange County

Diane was able to secure significant funds for the City of Newport Beach and City of Laguna Beach in this year’s state budget.

The City of Newport Beach will receive a $1.6 million appropriation as the final piece of funding needed to build the Upper Newport Bay Pollution Control Project. This 14-foot steel water wheel device will capture consumer waste and pollution before it enters the Pacific Ocean – securing our region as a leader in coastal clean-up.

Laguna Beach will receive $1.2 million to improve access to Moss Beach by constructing new concrete paths, stairways and other structures needed to enjoy views of the ocean and coastline in Moss Cove.

Supporting Families

Diane knows first-hand the important role families play in strengthening our communities and economy. In her first year as an Assemblymember, Diane showed her support in a variety of ways. In addition to advocating for much needed change with parents whose children were murdered by fentanyl, she advocated for more funding to help pregnant foster youth. While the work continues to secure state funding for these vulnerable members of our communities, she awarded a facility in Orange County with a grant from the Women in California Leadership Foundation to help with the tremendous work they do.

Additionally, Diane provided thousands of dollars in scholarships to young women in her District to apply towards higher education. Helping ensure women have access to education to learn the skills needed to earn high wages makes our communities stronger.

Bills Passed and Signed Into Law

In a year where the Governor vetoed 30% of bills sent to his desk, Diane had all four of her bills that reached his desk for consideration be signed into law. Her bills ranged from cost cutting efforts, to delaying late vehicle registration penalties and to increasing opportunities for charitable giving.

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