Official Ballot Statement


Member of the Assembly

California suffers from an extreme and dysfunctional state government that has led to surging crime, soaring inflation, sky-high taxes and gas prices and too many government mandates on our daily lives.


My pledge when I was elected two years ago was to provide fresh leadership that would put the arrogant self-serving Sacramento establishment in check. I have kept that promise.


I exposed how unelected bureaucrats in California are targeting small businesses, using the story of the Balboa Ferry to highlight government overreach, and showed how unfunded state mandates are harming Californians.


I voted for tough bills to crack down on fentanyl dealers and sex trafficking, voted to stop the Governor’s gas and oil tax increase and worked to make sure disabled veterans can get their property tax exemption, helping them save thousands of dollars.

Working across party lines, all four of my bills that reached the Governor’s desk were signed into law. These ranged from government reform and cost-cutting efforts, to delaying late vehicle registration penalties and to increasing opportunities for charitable giving.


I also kept my commitment to protecting Orange County’s beaches and environment, bringing in more than $1.6 million in funds to complete Orange County’s first trash wheel, to prevent debris flowing into the ocean and securing $1.2 million to improve beach accessibility.


There is still much work to be done to get our state back on track. I’m honored to represent you and humbly ask for your vote. Please visit Thank you.

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