Governor’s Order to Close Orange County Beaches Reflects His Autocratic Approach to Leadership

The American and French Revolutions were the final blows against the ancient idea that we should all be governed by a King, unaccountable and unchecked by a Legislature or a court.

Yet, the Covid 19 pandemic has given rise to a new class of monarch, state Governors who govern by diktat.  In California we have a governor who rules virtually single-handedly and whose whims and impulses instantly become policy, with no democratic process of review and debate to help shape the outcome.

Over the last several months, Gov. Gavin Newsom has changed over 200 laws by decree, ruling the state as a one-man show, with a moribund Legislature sitting idly on the sidelines.  Newsom’s autocratic tendencies predate the pandemic, however, and were on display from the beginning of his term. He began bypassing the people and the Legislature and issuing “executive orders” on literally his first day in office…

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