Newport Beach City Council Officially Supports Orange County Cities’ Legal Action Against Governor Newsom’s Order to Close Orange County Beaches

NEWPORT BEACH, CA– Today, in a special meeting of the Newport Beach City Council, I cast my vote on behalf of the residents of Newport Beach to join the Cities of Orange County in legal action against the Governor’s order to close Orange County’s Beaches.

Just days after Newport Beach voted to keep our beaches open with additional safety precautions, the Governor of California issued an order to overturn our local decision. The Governor is playing politics instead of making fact-based decisions and punishing Orange County residents. This action is both illegal and goes against the very core of our Nation’s values.

Sadly, overstep of authority and statewide mandates are nothing new to California’s local governments and that is why I made the decision to run for the State Assembly to give our residents a voice. However, this action by the governor goes beyond bad policy.

He appears to have made a knee jerk reaction based off a misleading photo that appeared to show an overcrowded beach. The Governor’s order is an abuse of power and Sacramento politicians don’t have absolute power over the entire state. Decisions like these are best made at the local level with consideration from local residents. This is why I believe this action is necessary.

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