Diane Dixon Statement on Governor Newsom’s Order Closing Orange County Beaches

NEWPORT BEACH, CA– The Governor’s decision to issue an order to close Orange County’s beaches in direct opposition to recent local government decisions is a clear abuse of his power. These decisions should be made at the local level not by Sacramento politicians. But while the Governor is making these unilateral decisions, our incumbent Assemblywoman remains silent on the sidelines instead of speaking up for her constituents and local government colleagues.

The decisions made by Orange County cities were prudent, carefully thought out and in the public interest after taking into consideration the advice of medical experts. Plans were in place to increase public safety staffing and enforce social distancing and other public health measures. The governor reportedly was angered by misleading telephoto pictures in the news, and reacted hastily, punishing Orange County citizens without consulting local officials on the ground.

It is actions like the Governor’s that drove me to run for State Assembly. We need leadership in Sacramento with a local voice. We need representation that will stand up for the people of our district and not be part of the political circus in Sacramento.

It is painfully clear that that Governor is making decisions based on politics and personal pique instead of fact. The state’s role should now be coordinating the process rather than dictating it. I support the cities and counties that have taken measures to safely reopen parts of society while enforcing common sense precautions that will be effective in preventing the spread of the virus.

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